1.By Ali April 7th, 2008 at 10:50 am

My kittyi has been recently diagnosed with FIV and I have begun giving daily treatments to him with the Ceregem. He seems to be feeling good so far and I will continue to do so.
Please email me at thebestgal@Msn.com if you have had any experiences with Ceregem and your pets.
thank you.


2.  By TAnya sharma May 24th, 2008 at 7:19 pm

ceragem is too good as i found my nervous system reacting better,getting good sleep and thus overall health remains in good shape.
how can we apply for jobs in ceragem india or global.


3. By stumpie September 27th, 2008 at 6:39 pm

The day I bought ceragem it was the last day I took a pain medication. It works as a pain reliever for me.


4.By Dalip October 6th, 2008 at 2:52 pm

As i earlier commented on 28th July 2008, this is a great product which acts as blood circulator, removes toxins resulting in improved health.
Also benecifical in Asthama, Joint pains and general ailments. Even a patient with speech deficiency who has been declared incurable by Doctors at AIIMs has been treated at "Satya Ceragem" 5H/36 NIT Faridabad(Mobile 0-9818006240) is able to speak clearly. This may be verified by personal visit.


5.By Purushottam January 13th, 2009 at 5:31 pm

I and my wife are taking therapy given by Ceragem center for last two months. We have been greatly benefited by the treatment of Ceragem.

We both met an accident before two years. My wife was injured and had factures in 4 ribs. After curing from the pains she conceived NHL(non-hodgkins limphome, a type of cancer.) Chemotherapy-R was given to her. But both these instances resulted in weakness, fatigue. She was unable to travel, do domestic work. She suffered for about one year nine months. But after starting Ceragem therapy for last about 2 months, she is very much benefited from it. She recovered from the pains, weakness and such problems. Now she independently can do all the domestic work without fatigue. Now, there is glow on her face and nobody can feel that she is pale/weak. And happy with the treatment of Ceragem and do not want to miss the daily visit to Ceragem center for the tratment. (Her age is 56 now.) There were many side effects of Chemotherapy etc. But now she is recovered to great extent.

I myself was suffering from fatigue after doing little work. My age is 59 years, now. I had pain in my right knee due to the accident and I was not able to walk even 2 kilometers. I was unable to climb the staircases without taking support of wall or railings. Now, after taking treatment of ceragem for 2 months, I can walk long distances. I am not getting tired like before. I can climb stair cases without taking wall support. The pain in knee is completely vanished.
I was suffering from pain in left shoulder after driving 25-30 kilometer on two wheeler. After I started taking ceragem therapy, the pain and severity has decreased by about 90%.
I have problem of headache since long. It was mainly due to digestional problems. The severe pain was troubling me sometimes for 2-3 days continuously. After starting treatment of ceragem, my motions pass smoothly now and the severety of headache has reduced to great extent. Now if headache occurs it remains only for few hours only. I hope I will be cured fully if I take treatment for some more days.
And as such I state that we have very much benefited from ceragem treatment. AND YES, THERE ARE TEMPORARY SIDE EFFECTS. CONDUCTORS OF OUR CENTER WARN US IN ADVANCE THAT THERE WILL BE "IMPROVEMENT REACTIONS" LIKE, VOMITING, DIZZYNESS, EXTRA SWEATING OR TEMPORARY INCREASE IN THE EXISTING AILMENT, AND YOU SHOULD STILL CONTINUE THE TREATMENT. YOU SHOULD NOT WORRY. BY following their instructions we are benefited from ceragem therapy. And will request all to take the therapy without fear.
But don't bunk the lectures given by staff there, which completely explains the pros and cons and effects and guides us in right direction.
There are miracles happened in the center where we go for Ceragem. The name of the center is "Ashirwad health care center" and it is situated at New Sangvi, Pune 411027. It is conducted by Dr.Vidya Daga and Dr.Ratanlal Daga.(yes, doctor pair). They also give us daily "reiki" and "pranik healing".
We are very much thankful to the Dr. Daga family.
My email is pooraak@yahoo.co.in.


6.By ronah February 19th, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Ceragem is best in human health,it is only the therapeutic massage that melt all the fats inside the body even if its in cappillaries,This bed is good also in my babies because whenever they are sick i just have them treatment for 2 times and they fever gone away. My migraine with aura never attack anymore especially when i used it . If you will visit philippines you will see how many clients were healed thru ceragem.We have breastcancer patients that when she use d it he was stage 3 after 9 months she found out that she's stage 2 . Amazing and its true.


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