Testimonials From Ceragem Vitamin C Facial Lotion Customers

· Four months ago, my face looked like a deflated balloon, with red lines, brown spots, pimples, scars, dry skin and wrinkles, I looked older than my age.  Since using Vit C, I have noticed the youth and beauty returning back to my face.  The wrinkles disappearing, broken 20 yr old blood vessels disappearing, dry skin, sun spots gone.  My skin on my face is clear, soft and silky.  Thank you God, Vitamin C & Ceragem.             Gautiane, Victoria, BC

· A sore on my eyebrow, as a result of a sunburn and had been there for 10 years disappeared.  My face is looking smoother and more youthful      Linda Prefontaine

· I am 62, used Vit C Serum for five months every day,  my face is softer and smoother.  The brown age spots have faded.  Bumps and pimples have cleared up.    Margie Brown

· My name is Sarbjit.  My dark circles under my eyes are lighter and my son noticed dark spots on my cheeks have disappeared.  My brother-in-law had a wart on the bottom of his foot that was very painful.  He tried Vit C on his foot 3 times a day – wart and pain has gone away.                     Sarbjit Jassal

· From my teenage years, my face was always full of pigment scars; they never disappeared until now, after 3 months of religiously applying it.  It faded the red and brown scarring without undue irritation, dryness or excess peeling.

· My husband’s groin and back were covered in tropical ringworm for 10 years.  He suffered itching, chafing, and burning in the groin and back. He had tried creams, ointments and oral anti fungal pills which were bad for the liver.  Out of desperation he tried Vit C Serum, to his surprise he saw remarkable improvement after applying it twice a day for 3 weeks.  It has cleared up, but he now uses it for prevention.  Vit C Serum heals the body and frees the soul.         Josephine Hee

· I love the product, it makes my skin feel soft and smooth.  My crows feet have softened considerably, as well as the lines on my cheeks and around my mouth.  Also fading are a couple of dark spots.  Probably the best testimonial for Vit C is whenever my daughter and I are together, we are mistaken for sisters.                Liz Diana

· I had a very itchy scalp until the day I decided to put Vit C Serum and instantly the itching stopped. I kept using Vit C until I was sure the itching wouldn’t come back.  I had a severe sore throat and I put Vit C on my throat, neck and upper chest and repeated the next day and  I had a significant change for the better by the 3rd day.  A wonderful product that worked for me.     Debbie Bendig Apr 16/07

· I am eighty-five years old, after 3 months I noticed several remarkable improvements.  As blossom season arrived, I have had a nasty sore nose and so this year I put on Vit C and it cleared up quickly. An unsightly brown spot on the side of my cheek has now disappeared completely.  I also had a pre-cancerous skin patch on my nose.  With Vit C it has now stopped bleeding and has almost totally healed.  Wow what a golden potion!         Mavis Butlin

· I am 66 years old, with lots of lines and wrinkles, due to many days in the sun.  Since using the serum there is a noticeable decrease in those nasty lines and wrinkles.  My face is tighter and firmer.  The little red capillaries on my cheeks are almost clear. Wow Vit C – don’t ever leave me.       Linda Clarke

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